Our pets mean a lot to us, and they truly are a part of the family.

With this in mind, it’s important we feed them the right kind of foods to keep them happy and healthy. But can hamsters eat rocket

If you’re wondering whether the peppery-flavoured leaf is an appropriate thing to be feeding your pet, you’re in luck.

In this article, we’ll explore this topic, as well as outline the diet your hamster should be following.

hamster eating greens

The diet of a hamster 

If you’re based in the UK and own a pet hamster it’s likely to be one of the following species:

  • Syrian (golden) hamsters
  • Chinese hamsters 
  • Dwarf hamsters 

Luckily, hamsters have been domesticated since the 1700s meaning we have a good idea of the type of diet they need to follow. 

This includes:

  • A compound of pellet ration or a mixture of different seeds- Most pet shops sell hamster food that is imperative to keeping your pet healthy. The pellets you can purchase are specifically formulated to ensure your pet gets all of the minerals and nutrients it needs to be happy and healthy. You can also purchase seed mixes from the pet store which will do the same thing.
  • Vegetables and fruit– Alongside their pellets, you can also feed your hamster a small quantity of fruit and vegetables each day. Most greens, root vegetables and apples are suitable for hamsters but it’s best to avoid rhubarb and grapes which can be toxic to your little guy. 
  • Water- In addition to food, it’s important your hamster is properly hydrated. If not, it could be at risk of a number of health-related issues. A water bottle should always be attached to your pet’s cage, providing it with easy access to water. Make sure this water is changed on a daily basis to keep it fresh, and it’s best to select a drinking bottle without a ball valve due to the difficulty hamsters have with suction.  

Always pay attention to the amount of food and drink your hamster is consuming. One of the early signs that your pet may be unwell is if its dietary habits significantly change. For example, if your furry friend has started to neglect its food or its droppings have become moist rather than hard it’s time to visit the vets. This could be a sign of digestive problems and it’s important they’re investigated as soon as possible.    

Now we know the diet of a hamster, we can answer the question ‘can hamsters eat rocket?’

Read on to find out more…

Can hamsters eat rocket?

Yes, rocket is safe for hamsters to eat.

The leaf, which is commonly used in salads, has a distinctive taste that hamsters usually enjoy. However, you shouldn’t overdo it. 

While it’s a fairly harmless food, too much of anything can cause health problems so be sure to feed it to your pet in the appropriate quantities. The amount you should feed your hamster really depends on its size. 

For example, while Syrian hamsters can manage up to two teaspoons of rocket a week, dwarf and Chinese hamsters should only be consuming around half a teaspoon a week. Be sure to check what is appropriate for your pet before feeding it to them.    

Grown in the Mediterranean, rocket is also sometimes referred to as arugula. As well as being a common salad vegetable, it is also sometimes used as a herb – particularly on pizzas. While this versatility is great for us humans, make sure when you’re feeding rocket to your hamster you’re only doing so in isolation. It shouldn’t be fed as part of another dish.   

If you’re also wondering can hamsters eat bean rocket, the answer is also yes.   

Benefits of rocket for hamsters 

Rocket is tremendously nutritious, and contains a whole host of minerals and vitamins. 

Some of the benefits your pet will receive when eating rocket include:


This will help your hamster’s body to repair itself and also make it less likely to develop diseases such as cancer. 

Vitamin B

Hamsters love to play, and the vitamin B in rocket will give it tonnes of energy to do exactly that. It’ll also assist with growth. 

Vitamin E

This vitamin will help your hamster recover if its body has suffered any damage. 

Vitamin K

Your pet’s eyes and skin will benefit from this handy vitamin!

Can hamsters eat rocket? – Final thoughts

When feeding rocket to your furry friend it’s important to remember that every hamster is different. While it’s likely to enjoy eating the salad leaf, if your pet shows any adverse effects you should avoid feeding it rocket in future.    

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